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Merged realities - events and issues for virtual worlds

March 29, 2009

1. Earth Week is coming up in Second Life (18th to 26th April). All the details are here, and there’s a quick promo machinima:

2. Australian kid’s offering eKidna World is running a competition offering a year’s free membership and a family pass to Australia zoo. Each entrant is required to provide their details and the details of a friend that eKidna can contact. Entries close 31st March.

3. The 1st Annual Second Life Resident Choice Awards kickoff on the 31st March - more details here

4. Linden Lab have lost their CFO, John Zdanowski, who’s officially announced his departure. Ignoring personalities, it’s far from surprising there’d be some churn in senior management positions with a newish CEO on board.

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