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Ageplay three months after the ban

August 14, 2007

It’s been just over three months since the ageplay ban instigated by Linden Lab. There’s been no reports of ageplay sexual exploits in SL since that time although there’d be no doubt it’s occurred. There also remains an enormous range of children’s clothes, skins and accessories on offer:



To test the level of risk for an avatar in child form, we logged in on an alternative account as a child avatar and spent some time wandering around a number of clubs in SL to see if any approaches were made for sex. In the hour or so we did this, we weren’t approached but on the other hand, no-one was at all peturbed by a little boy watching their activities:


Some clubs do have prominent warnings on the issue although just as many don’t:



Overall, the ban may have stopped overt displays of ageplay sexual activity and instilled significant wariness of those frequenting the more popular sex clubs, but all of the support mechanisms are healthy and well. What are your thoughts on the issue? Are there valid reasons for over-18’s to be involved in ageplay, sexual or otherwise?

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  • MadAsHell
    "Are there valid reasons for over-18’s to be involved in ageplay, sexual or otherwise?"

    Freely exercising one's otherwise constitutionally protected freedom of expression (in the US) is valid enough of a reason to be involved in any sort of behavior.


    End of discussion. Whether you like this sort of thing, or you like dressing up as a two headed alien tentacle monster in RL to get your sexual rocks off with your transgender diaper wearing robot partner, as consenting ADULTS, you should NEVER have to ask your neighbor if it's ok with them what you do in the privacy of your own home (or in this case, virtual home).

    Oh, wait, you mean there are people in the world who continue to want to control others' behavior and impose their moral values on everybody else? Shock.

    (The only reason it's even a question is because Linden Labs runs the world and cares more about $$$ than American values).
  • zoe
    My name is Zoe, and I play a 7 year old on second life. I have sat and read numerous posts, articles, blogs. w/e on peoples opinion of ageplay in secondlife... in second life the term ageplay is typically considered sexual, since i am not involved in anything sexual i will say i do not practice ageplay. As may adults i had a horrible childhood, one that was lost. And second life is a place where you can be anything you want, a dog, a cat, alien, human, a million other things... i think i once saw an avitar for a maggot!! lol...

    I chose to be a child, to relive my childhood in the world of a game. I was fortunate to find a wonderful family there, who wanted nothing more than a normal child, do to child like things with... for example.. go for ice cream, the park, shopping, anything and everything that is perfectly innocent. The most my parents have ever done was give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, just as you would any real child. I think if people who assume child avitars are simply mini perverts, would actually enter the innocent side of second life, where those of us are, are simply wanting a second child hood, they would see the majority of child avitars in second life. You would see a little girl in pig tails building a ramp and flying up it on her skates, you would see creative persons building wonderful creations, you may even find a friend.

    Are there those who are on the other side of the fence in second life? yes, and they are still there, i do get approached from time time and each and every time they are reported.

    What im asking, and my point is, do not put us all under the same umbrella. Just as every adult in second life isnt into all things sexual... every child avi in second life isnt into anything sexual.

    I want to know when i get to stop having to defend myself, and my friends.

    If any of the Lindens are reading this, which i doubt, you are worried about virtual worlds breaking laws of other countries, i wonder if they have any laws on beastiality, rape, heck ill get as ridiculous as you and say guns and bombs.

    Leave us alone.
  • jAY
    got kicked of sl for having sex with a small elf, it was alleged as ageplay! what is all this rl is rl sl is sl that does not exisit it appears sl is rl to all!!!!!
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