Australian Library

The shell of an Australian library is available and there\’s a call for anyone interested in coordinating the project and bringing the library to life.

Check it out in-world.

Indulge your spaceship fetish

Check it out in-world. Just make sure you\’re ready to fly as location is elevated. If you do hit the ground you\’ll see a well-known spaceship.

Teen Grid gets an education focus

Claudia Linden\’s post on the official Linden blog shows the level of interest in SL from the education community. This was a focus of the report on the 7.30 Report last night , where a Sydney University group were utilising SL as a teaching tool.

It seems self-evident that a formal presence in SL from an Australian university can\’t be far off.

Second Life featured on the 7.30 report

ABC TV\’s The 7.30 Report featured Second Life tonight (Friday 29th December). The focus was on an Australian user, Lythe Witte and how she took part in the SL community. The story also covered another virtual world, Entropia Universe.

The thrust of the story was how virtual worlds may play an increasing role, and the interest of big business in it all. There was also some discussion on governance and intellectual property issues. A link to the full transcript will be posted when available. We\’ll also contact Lythe Witte to see if she\’d like to make a comment.

The biggest shame is that the SL grid is down at the time of the publicity.

December \’Second Opinion\’ released

Linden Labs have released the December issue of Second opinion. The new Civic Center section looks further at self-governance issues in SL. It\’s encouraging to see the wider strategic view of SL continuing to be discussed whilst the day-to-day issues and infrastructure are addressed.

At present I think Linden are a duck – calm on the surface but one mad pair of legs swimming underneath. At least the duck\’s eyes still have their focus.

Happy Festive Season – Your Suggestions for 2007?

Firstly, thanks to everyone checking out this site each day – we\’re averaging over fifty unique visitors daily and already have a number of email subscribers via the FeedBlitz signup at the right of this page.

Secondly, SLOz will have a reduced level of new content between the 25th and 29th December but the site will obviously be available.

Thirdly, what we\’re really interested in is reader\’s suggestions of what they\’d like to see on SLOz. Do you want more pics of in-world activities, more profiling of aussies in SL? Do you want a discussion forum? Any suggestions welcome.

Have a great Xmas and 2007!

Orion\’s business

Orion Keynes is Sydney based and runs a design business in-world. He\’s also a SLOz reader ;-)

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