Weekend Whimsy

1. Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures: a few Views

(Age of Conan is the latest gaming virtual world to launch)

2. OhMy Kidd \”If You Want To\”

3. Almost Lover

Episode 5 of TMJ Podcast – Law and Virtual Worlds

Episode 5 revolves around a fascinating interview with Dr Melissa de Zwart, Senior Lecturer and Director, Teaching at Monash University\’s Law Faculty.


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More Second Life tutorials

The prolific Torley Linden has released sixteen more tutorial videos (at around 2 minutes each) for newer Second Life users or anyone who hasn\’t really looked through what Second Life can do.

The latest batch are:

- 3 ways to get to About Land
- Avatar Rendering Cost
- Find Friends & Groups faster
- Give stuff to someone nearby
- Give stuff to someone remote
- Instant viewer download link
- Learn the Lag Meter
- Make a 1-way tinted window
- Open the Advanced menu
- Scroll through tabs faster
- Stop falling through floors
- Troubleshoot sound not playing
- Turn off annoying UI sounds
- Unwear attachments to give them
- Use the pie menu quicker
- What do parcel status icons mean?

That should keep you busy for 32 minutes or so!

Linden Lab\’s new CEO speaks

Well, he writes a few paragraphs at least, on the Official Linden Blog. It\’s a fairly lucid description of his first week, with the standout line for me being:

\”Inworld collaboration is going to be a killer application\”

Yes indeed it is – when it\’s working and even then it\’s not so killer when you\’re living so far away from the SL servers – that\’s an issue I\’m hoping is on the radar.

True traffic measurement in Second Life – when?

Linden Lab today announced that there\’ll be some more work done on determining what is truly a popular location in Second Life. Determining true traffic / engagement in Second Life is one of those holy grails that has remained elusive.

We ran our own traffic measurements for a couple of months but the administrative burden became prohibitive. The Project Factory provide a weekly update on the most popular corporate presences and Tateru Nino\’s Mixed Reality Headcount was the most comprehensive attempt I\’ve seen but it ceased at the end of 2007.

If you\’ve got thoughts on how traffic should be measured, here\’s how to get involved:

We are opening up the discussion about the future of Traffic: anyone from our community who is interested is invited to join the “LL Traffic Future” group for further updates and info about inworld brainstorming sessions to come. To find it in Second Life:

Click Search button on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen, then click All tab (on the left).
Search for “LL Traffic Future”.
Click the match that comes up in results, then click “View Full Profile”.
Click the “(Join L$0)” button and you’re in!

I\’d like to hear your thoughts – for you what makes a presence in Second Life popular?

(Disclosure: The Project Factory are an advertiser on this site)

Introducing: our jobs board

We\’re pleased to announce the launch our virtual worlds job board. It allows anyone to post a job advertisement for free. We may introduce a small fee in the future but at this stage there\’s no cost at all. All that for a 30-day listing.

There\’s a link to the job board at the top of this site – or click here to access it.

A virtual recession?

Peer-to-peer news and information network Current is running an interesting video asking the question of whether virtual worlds (second Life in particular) are at risk of recession flowing on from the USA\’s economic difficulties. It\’s a short treatise that ends up arguing that real-world problems may actually emphasise virtual world opportunities.

Watch it here:

What are your thoughts? How\’s business for you in Second Life?