Metaverse Reader: iPhone and iPad application

\"\"This is the support page for the Metaverse Reader application available for free on the iTunes App Store.

If you haven\’t downloaded it, you can find out more about it here.

It’s essentially an RSS reader with two sections. The first is our own RSS feed . The second is a ‘Wider Metaverse’ section, which features a range of virtual worlds related feeds from around the world. Here\’s a quick walk-through for you:

Bug Reports

Please don\’t hesitate to contact us if you\’re having issues and we\’ll try to work them out for you.

Feature Requests

Post a comment below and we\’ll see what we can do!

\’Wider Metaverse\’ suggestions

If you know of a virtual worlds related blog / news site that you\’d like to see added to the sources within the Metaverse Reader, post a link in the comments below. We are unable to add some sites utilising older RSS versions, but we\’re working on remedying that.

Future versions (current version is 2.0)

Here\’s what we\’ve got planned:

- offline reading
- full Atom support
- RSS 1.0 format support
- further enhancements to \’Wider Metaverse\’ browsing experience
- full native iPad support (it\’ll work now on iPad but due to an issue with the iPad OS that crashes our app, we need to wait for SDK 4.0 to launch it)

Known Bugs
None reported at this stage. We\’re aware some RSS feeds are not displaying the full story. It\’s not a bug, it\’s a decision made by individual site owners on the way their feed displays.